I got married four days after my 16th birthday. Four days before said birthday, I was at home with my Mother.  She said to me, “You shouldn’t wear those shorts, they make you look pregnant.”  A few minutes later she asked me if I had something I needed to tell her.  Oh boy did I […]

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Blast from my past

Hello again! In my first post I mentioned I found several pieces I had written in 2012.  I do want to share them because I want you to get to know me.  Here it is: 01/01/12 Well here I am. Day two of year two of my marriage. This is the 8th year without my […]

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Why am I here

Hello! I’m here to do me!  Judge me if you must.  And if you read the posts I plan to post, you probably will.  But I need to own it. Everything that has happened to me.  Everything I’ve done that I regret and/or am ashamed of.  Things no one has a clue about. I’m 51 […]

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